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LILACS - Syringa

Welcome to Lottah Nursery, your source of fine lilacs in Australia for many years to come. We are pleased to offer the first of some new lilac cultivars collected over the years; more than 250 varieties are being evaluated in Tasmania and due to be released in the coming years.

Enthusiasts will already own a copy of J. L. Fiala's Lilacs: The Genus Syringa*; others are urged to borrow or buy what is indisputably the most thorough work on the genus to get some insight into the wonderful world of lilacs.

For reasons we are unable to fathom the most attractive lilacs introduced in the past few decades have failed to appear on the Australian market so far. These include the prestoniae hybrids, East European introductions, multi-petaled Rochester strains, repeat flowering cultivars and the dwarf varieties as well as many of the species and their variants. Our collection, still growing, contains fair selections from each of these categories.

Despite the fact that virtually all lilacs available in Australia are grafted on privet, we have chosen to follow recommended practice which is to produce them on their own roots, either by cuttings or through tissue-culture. The latter being pretty much of a dark art, we cannot foretell if all or even many of the cultivars will prove amenable to micropropagation. Regardless, we will get them to you on their own roots.

1 April 2007: Nursery sales have been suspended until further notice. We trust you enjoy browsing through this site.

12 July 2007: In the spirit of free software (GNU/Linux) we have used over many years we are now releasing into the public domain all images with the 'Lottah Nursery' copyright notice. You may use them for any purpose you wish, including commercial use, without requiring further permission. Images that are property of third parties retain copyright protection.

[*Revised version edited by F. Vrugtman has been published as Lilacs: A Gardener's Encyclopedia, 2008, ISBN 0881927953]


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