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сирень Russian Lilacs 2

We have just received a collection of lilac images from our Russian friends Ms. T. Polyakova and I. Semyonova in mid-2004 which we are happy to share with our users. They were photographed at the Moscow University Botanical Garden, so we have good reason to believe that the clones are accurately represented. Several are duplicates of images we already have from the past but we are happy to include new perspectives. Most are of Russian origins but there are some Lemoine selections as well that we have not seen images of till now.

'Yellow Seedling' is possibly a new discovery which for various reasons is believed to differ from the familiar 'Primrose'.

May 2005: We are pleased to report that thanks to a parcel of scionwood sent by our Russian friends late last year, most of the cultivars listed on this page are now growing at Lottah. We expect it may take some time before they become available to the public.

[Images © T. Polyakova - фото © T. ПОЛЯKOBA]

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