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We have acquired a number of lilac images from Russia, courtesy of ILS members Ms. T. Polyakova and I. Semyonova, Moscow, and are pleased to present them here. Photo credits go to T. Polyakova, V. Balabanov and N. L. Mikhailov (the breeder), and are embedded within the images. It is likely that some of the new cultivars have not been seen outside Russia.

The following are of new lilacs bred by Nikolai Leonidovich Mikhailov and Nina Ivanovna Rybakina in Russia, and registered by the Main Botanical Garden, Moscow in January, 2002. English descriptions may be found in ILS Journal, 32:1, pp. 17-18.

Following photos were taken by Mr. N. L. Mikhailov of S. vulgaris cultivars bred by Shtan'ko and Mikhailov and introduced in 1956.

Additionally there is an image of one of Kolesnikov's unnamed seedlings:

The following images of S. vulgaris cultivars were taken mainly at the Moscow Lilac Show in 2003.

Thumbnail of Kolesnikov book

The International Lilac Society has honored Russian lilac breeder N. L. Mikhailov with a special 80th Birthday tribute page on its website. We have, with the permission of the authors, provided the article on our site.

July 2010: We had the pleasure of receiving a copy of Ms. Polyakova's newly published book on Kolesnikov's lilacs.

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