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Lilac species and hybrids

This is the main page providing links to images of lilac species and hybrids available on our website. It includes images linked from other pages as well as some that are not linked from elsewhere. Rather than clutter the page we have split S. vulgaris images to another page.

Some of the Bugala cultivars previously classified as S. x prestoniae are now reclassified as S. (villosae Group) 'Name' because they are second generation selections of S. x prestoniae.

We feel compelled to add the disclaimer that these images no more than portray some semblance to the actual flowers. Colors vary through the different stages of flower maturity, and no doubt will likewise vary with soil type and fertilizer regime as well as the prevailing climatic conditions.

We invite you to visit our pages on images of some Russian lilacs which may not have been published outside Russia till now; there are also new Ukrainian, Kazakhstan and Polish sections in their infancy.

12 July 2007: In the spirit of free software (GNU/Linux) we have used over many years we are now releasing into the public domain all images with the 'Lottah Nursery' copyright notice. You may use them for any purpose you wish, including commercial use, without requiring further permission. Third party images on this site retain full copyright.

Images are in 640 x 480 pixels, and range from 50-75 kB in filesize.

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