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We use Australia Post for delivery of plants. Freight costs are based on current postal rates for registered surface parcels modified to simplify calculations. We apply a flat rate for all parcels based on 1 kg mass, dependant upon State mailed to.
For interstate deliveries we try to ship on Mondays to ensure they get to destination by end of week - delivery takes longer outside capital cities so plants may not arrive till early the following week.

Lilacs will be dispatched from late June to end August in the order they are received; where demand exceeds supply we will restrict numbers supplied to ensure widest possible dissemination. Please provide alternatives on the order form if this is acceptable. No orders will be dispatched bare-rooted after the last day of August. Separate advice will be provided prior to dispatch.

We warrant that plants supplied are true to type and are viable and healthy when dispatched from the Nursery; we will provide a refund or replacement if reasonable proof is offered of plants being other than as described. Since management of these are beyond our control after they leave the Nursery, we accept no responsibility for failure to grow when planted.

Please print the order form provided on your printer, fill in the details and forward by mail. Alternatively provide all the information required on a sheet of paper, including a phone number or e-mail address where we may contact you to discuss shipping details. A printed catalog is available from the Nursery - please send SSAE for a copy.

Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa are accepted, as well as payments by cheques and Money Orders. We have not implemented a secure payment system over the Internet so please do not send sensitive information by e-mail.

Registered postage per shipment: ACT & NSW - $12.20; Queensland - $12.85; South Australia - $12.25; Tasmania - $9.15; Victoria - $11.15

Northern Territory and W.A.: Sorry, we are unable to accommodate for quarantine reasons or plants being unsuited to the climate.

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