Lottah Nursery Tasmania, Australia

Open letter to the Governor
(expurgated version)

30 August, 1996


The Governor,
Government House,
The Domain,
Hobart 7000,

Your Excellency,

It grieves me to involve you in a public dispute with the Tasmanian Parliament but it begins to appear that short of [redacted] the Speaker nothing will induce the [redacted] to extricate their thumbs.

I enclose the fourth reprint of my open letter to Gray. An allegation of gross corruption at the highest levels of government is worthy of receiving satisfaction ... even from the inbred progeny of "footpads, purse-snatchers, sheep-defilers and bottom-feelers" despatched to Port Arthur.

[redacted] holds no great fascination for me. I shall be pleased if you will be so kind as to suggest to young Frankie* that it may be time to start wriggling his tail.

Yours sincerely,


T. Thekathyil


1st reprint, August 1997
2nd reprint, August 1998
3rd reprint, August 1999
4th reprint, August 2000
5th reprint, August 2001
6th reprint, August 2002
7th reprint, November 2003
8th reprint, December 2004
9th reprint, August 2005
10th reprint, September 2006
11th reprint, October 2007
12th reprint, December 2008
13th reprint, November, 2009
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15th reprint, June 2011
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[Footnote has been redacted to comply with our hosting service TOS]

*Francis Leslie Maddill, Speaker, House of Assembly

Subsequent Speakers to which this letter referred to:

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