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Following classification of lilacs is extracted from an article by J. S. Pringle which appeared in Winter 1997 edition of ILS Journal 26(1):19-26, and is republished with the kind permission of the editor and the author.

*Not known to be in cultivation, or not known to be in cultivation outside China.
[Edited 2009/11/03: Chang and Qin discovered S. meyeri var. spontanea growing in the wild in 1989; seeds were sent to Kew and plants have been established in the UK. (ILS Journal, Vol. 38 #4, 2009)]

Revision: In correspondence dated July 2003 Dr. Pringle wrote: "Moving on to S. pekinensis, I have, for such purposes as that of my Flora of North America manuscript accepted species rank for this taxon, following Li, Zhang, and Alexander."

‡Chen, J-Y, Zhang, Z-S & Hong, D-Y, 'Taxonomic revision of Syringa pinetorum complex (Oleaceae)' Journal of Systematics and Evolution 46 (1): 93–95 (2008) recognize S. maireri and S. wardii as belonging to the S. pinetorum complex.

- Li, Jianhua, John H. Alexander III, & Donglin Zhang. 2002. Paraphyletic Syringa (Oleaceae): evidence from sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS and ETS regions. Systematic Botany. Quarterly Journal of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists 27(3):592-597.

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