Lottah Nursery Tasmania, Australia

Plant sizes

Regardless of size of plants growing at the Nursery we trim them to under 900 mm to meet postal regulations. This may conceivable remove developed flower buds for the following season but should not affect growth in any material way.

There is considerable differnce in plant sizes dependent on cultivar/clone characteristics and this page will help provide some information on the plants we ship.

Lilacs: plants in 200 mm pots are generally but not always multi-stemmed, standing around 750 mm high. often with suckers developing.
Much more variation may be expected of 150 mm pot size where the differences are marked. E.g. for 2006 season S. x hyacinthiflora 'California Rose' is often single stemmed standing around 750 mm while S. vulgaris 'Mme. Casimir Periere' raised in the same way stands at less than 200 mm although some may be multi-stemmed with suckers emerging.
In all cases we are more interested in providing adequate root systems for future growth than in height of plants.

Crinodendron: These are shipped as one-year old plants growing in deep 100 mm tubes; height is around 300 mm. Plants make too much growth to ship as 2-year old plants.

Betula pendula 'Youngii' are produced on their own roots; these have slender stems and stand at up to 1.5 m high but will be trimmed for packing.

Most of the other plants listed in the catalog as growing in 150 mm pots are typical of what may be found at retail outlets and do not require detailed descriptions.

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