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Open letter to the Public Prosecutor
(expurgated version)

31 August, 2001


Mr. D. Bugg
Commonwealth DPP
4 Marcus clarke
Canberra City
ACT 2600

My dear Bugsy1,

[Several paragraphs redacted]

  • 8. Parliament has failed to acknowledge a formal complaint I had written to the Privileges Committee - members being the same Patmore & Polly together with M. Field and R. Groom - about the Minister's behaviour. One member (Field) has to be aware of the truth of my allegations since he claims to have investigated the matter. I am unable to avoid the conclusion that Parliamentarians have engaged in a conspiracy to protect a corrupt member and deny me justice, and that the leaders of this conspiracy are the aforementioned members of the Privileges Committee2. No small irony that these same suckers were not so very long after establishing a Royal Commission to discover Gray's involvement in the bribery attempt.

Normally matters pertaining to the actions of pollies in Parliament are the province of the Speaker but that office appears to have been filled by a succession of buffoons who have disgraced the State by earning the distinction of having the rowdiest parliament in the Commonwealth, no mean feat. Given my opinion of the current incumbent (ex-washing machine salesman, is he?) further approaches would be a waste of time. Despite having refused to entertain the matter on two previous occasions that I had brought the matter to his attention, I would nevertheless like once again to invite Attorney-General Pete "Hear no evil, See no evil" Patmore to comment on the substance of my allegations. (Just stick to the facts, chump: don't you worry about me altitude).

And so here we are. I am going to nail the [redacted]3 for corruption, and anyone who gets in the way is going to find my [redacted]. If there are any federal laws prohibiting a citizen from exposing institutionalised corruption on a grand scale, or any that forbids him from seeking the remedy to injustice, I shall be happy to discuss the matter with you in court.

Yours sincerely,


T. Thekathyil


[Footnote has been redacted to comply with our hosting service TOS]

1The DPP is not a party to the dispute, unlike the others named here.

2The Privileges Committee consisted of:

3Epithet referring to R. T. 'Briber' Gray, erstwhile State Premier

Police Commissar Richard "Gopher" McCreadie is invited to reveal if he was instructed by his minister, the hapless David "Wannabe Punk" Llewellyn to resolve this matter by intimidation and harassment (probably a jailable offence for both) - or if he is merely incompetent.

[soto voce: Come the Revolution, Comrades, there may not be enough rope to string up the lot of you fluffers.]

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