Lottah Nursery Tasmania, Australia

Open letter to the [redacted] Wonder
(expurgated version)

27 April 1992


R. T. 'Briber' Gray,
Minister for Primary Industry, Fisheries and Energy,
8th Floor, State Offices Building,
10 Murray Street,
Hobart 7000


Robin, you degenerate little [redacted],

Do I get the apology or are you waiting for me to shove your head back into [redacted]?

Qui mori didicit servire dedidicit but I doubt they taught you that at Dookie.

Yours etc,


T. Thekathyil

PS: Oi, any idea whose submission to the Royal Commission began with 'Robin Gray is incapable of recognizing the truth unless it were wrapped around [redacted] and shoved down his throat'?

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