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Eucryphia wilkiei

This was discovered 30 years ago by Jack Wilkie on Mount Bartle Frere, Bellenden Ker Range, in north-east Queensland at an altitude of 3900ft to 4550ft (1200m-1400m); it is now reported to be rare in its native state but fortunately it has been disseminated commercially. As this is reported to mature at around 4 m it is a worthy addition to any garden.

Flowers of E. wilkiei are solitary, around 40 mm across developing in pairs at leaf nodes, pure white with golden stamens turning brown upon maturity, and are mildly fragrant.

Leaves: opposite, mainly trifoliate but sometimes entire; lanceolate, twisting, with entire leaf or primary leaflet 85 x 20 mm and secondary leaflets half that size. Juvenile leaves are heavily pubescent on both surfaces but shed much of this upon maturity with main areas of pubescense retained along the 8 mm long petiole, underside of rib and leaf edges.

Fruit: capsule 12 x 8 mm, pubescent, retaining filaments at base with stiff pedicle around 18 mm long holding fruit upright.

Specimen growing at the nursery has had initial flowerings in Spring that set fruit but there has also been what appears to be a second, and possibly main flowering beginning of March peaking about 3 weeks later and extending to mid-April. In other years we have had this Eucryphia flowering into late June as when the image was taken. We have been unable to ascertain if this is normal where it originates or if it is a function of growing in a different - and colder - environment.

Propagation: our initial attempts to root cuttings were not successful but we were able to germinate a few self pollinated seeds which grew very slowly.

Note: Above description is based upon a single specimen growing at the Nursery; we will be happy to accept revisions/additions to this page from anyone whose experience of this plant differs materially from ours.

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Eucryphia wilkei flower
Eucryphia wilkei leaves and fruit

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