Lottah Nursery Tasmania, Australia

Eucryphia glutinosa

Syn. 'Santo Sour Cherry'

This is native to Chile where it is now reported to be rare.

Eucryphia glutinosa is usually a deciduous shrub growing to 6 m or so under cultivation, with good Autumn colors. Flowers are pure white, 60 mm across, arising from the leaf axils in late Summer. There is no discernable fragrance but bees find the flowers attractive. Leathery leaves are compound, sporting 3 to 5 leaflets.

Phillips & Rix report on the existence of a double form of glutinosa; however they consider that to be less attractive than the single form.

Like its close Australian relatives, this eucryphia is reported to prefer acidic growing conditions, but we accord this the same treatment as other shrubs and have not noticed any problems over several years.

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Eucryphia glutinosa flowers
Details of Eucryphia glutinosa flower

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