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Daphne pontica

Syn. 'Pontic Daphne'

Native to North Turkey/South Bulgaria region.

Greenish-yellow flowers open in late Spring, 12-14 weeks after D. odora, on an evergreen suckering shrub usually growing to about 500 mm high under cultivation; in its native habitat this known to reach 1.5 m.

Daphne pontica is often raised from seed so considerable variation in form may be expected: flower color ranges from green to yellow, and some forms may be fragrant. Our stock plants are not.

Forming the understory of woodlands in the wild, it is tolerant of some shade. Small numbers of this daphne may be propagated clonally by removing suckers in Spring; however seed set is prolific and easily germinated.

Individual flowers of pontica are a diminutive 15 mm across arising in a whorl near the terminal leaf axils on 35 mm long peduncles carrying up to four flowers each. Flowering starts in late October and continues for a month; sometimes there is a secondary flush in late February.

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Daphne pontica flowers
Closeup of Daphne pontica flowers

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