Lottah Nursery Tasmania, Australia

Syringa x Albida

Syn. 'Pink Pearl', S. sweginzowii 'Albida'

Bred by Lemoine in 1930 by crossing S. sweginzowii x S. tomentella; name registered in 1953.

This is late season variety flowering well after x prestoniae cultivars in December, just before S. reticulata. Very attractive single white flowers in profusion with negligible fragrance; considerably superior to both parents in quantity and quality of bloom.

Given the parentage as well as limited local experience this may be expected to be a carefree variety growing into a largish non-suckering shrub 3 to 4 m high and as broad.

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Syringa x 'Albida'

50401-6364 (1, 3, 21, 140)