Lottah Nursery Tasmania, Australia

Syringa meyeri Palibin

Syn. 'Dwarf Korean Lilac', 'Ingwersen's Dwarf'

'Palibin' was disovered in a garden near Beijing, China by Frank Meyer who sent cuttings to U.S. in 1909.

A true slow growing dwarf, this is reported elsewhere to reach 1.5 m but our clone is reluctant to grow beyond 0.6 m after several years. It is a small leafed cultivar with deep purple buds opening into fragrant violet-purple flowers in abundance early in season. This cultivar does not appear to be susceptible to bacterial blight. Has a tendency to sucker but is not particularly invasive.

Reports elsewhere suggest that it blooms sporadically in Summer/Autumn but that has not been our experience locally.

'Palibin' is the cultivated variety; the species proper is S. meyeri spontanea which is rather rare at present. S. meyeri is one parent being used to produce a new generation of dwarf lilacs in several breeding programs.

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Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' flowers
Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' in flower

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